Football in the Adelaide Hills is strong with quite a few clubs ready for you to join them. But, before you get too excited, not every club is for you. Do your research!

There are all sorts of reasons why you might join one club over another. This could be influenced by your age, gender or skill level. It could also be based on where the club is, where they play or their playing fees. You might be looking for something super competitive or something relatively relaxed.

Whatever the reason, do your research. Be prepared to give them a call, to send them an email or visit their website. Then make your decision and review it after a season. Enjoying it? Great, stick it out. Didn't really work? Find another club. Nothing worse than making a mistake but pretending like you haven't.


There are more than a dozen football clubs in the Adelaide Hills region, each with their own agenda and leagues they play in.

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Futsal (or indoor) is a great alternative to outdoor. It's also a fantastic way of improving your fitness and is suitable for any age or ability.

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The are a number of different ways you can get to your intended destination. The question should be where do you want to go?

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