About the AHFA

The Adelaide Hills Football Association (AHFA) brings clubs together in a unified approach to help improve the world game within our region.

We have a strict focus on supporting clubs who support the AHFA and to encourage open-discussion between associative members. We also operate outside of the umbrella of Football Federation Australia (including Football South Australia), allowing us to make independent decisions that has the sport in our local community in mind.

Ultimately the end goal is to raise awareness and participation for all ages and skills levels in what is regarded as the greatest game in the world.

Final AHFA directive under development


There are more than a dozen football clubs in the Adelaide Hills region, each with their own agenda and leagues they play in.

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Futsal (or indoor) is a great alternative to outdoor. It's also a fantastic way of improving your fitness and is suitable for any age or ability.

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The are a number of different ways you can get to your intended destination. The question should be where do you want to go?

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