There are several competitions you could be involved in during the off-season. Most are run by one of the clubs but they welcome players and teams from anywhere.

Each off-season competition is usually around 8 to 10 weeks, operates between the end of the football season and the start of the summer break and usually reduced-sized teams.

These off-season competitions can be great marketing for the clubs that run them, but can also be a good opportunity to have some fun with your own team after the regular season.


There are more than a dozen football clubs in the Adelaide Hills region, each with their own agenda and leagues they play in.

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Futsal (or indoor) is a great alternative to outdoor. It's also a fantastic way of improving your fitness and is suitable for any age or ability.

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The are a number of different ways you can get to your intended destination. The question should be where do you want to go?

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